Wednesday, April 22, 2009

a little help

After many nights on shift by myself had me frazzled enough to call home and cry, I finally got a little help from the fam. Dad brought Mom last Sunday and drove back to pick her up on Saturday. Laurie flew in Friday and left Monday afternoon. It was so good to have help, especially with the nighttime feedings. Mothering is so much harder than my regular job! Here's my nanny crew with Eli (note the pacifier--I guess he was upset that they were leaving!).

I did something new today--I braved going out with both kids! Josh was at Bible study and I needed to go to Babies R Us, so I loaded up two kids in two carseats and plopped two kids in one shopping cart. I considered taking a picture for you, but it was raining and I kind of had enough on my hands. It was a successful trip. It helped that Noah was quite good!

In not-so-good (okay, terrible) news, my friend Kristi's sweet baby Kaden lost his battle to a disease called CDH today. Kaden fought CDH for 17 days. Kristi and her husband knew about Kaden's disease long before he was born and they trusted God to take care of their family and now they are faced with accepting God's way of answering that prayer. Please pray for Kristi and Craig as they mourn their baby and seek peace and understanding.

Baby Kaden
Well, midnight feeding is over, so it's time for bed for us. We're going to try leaving Eli in his crib tonight even though Noah is sleeping in their room, so I'll let you know how just heavy a sleeper Noah really is!

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Kimmie said...

Help is wonderful, isn't it? :)

So sorry to hear about your friend's baby--my heart goes out to them.