Sunday, March 14, 2010

a very merry first birthday

It's over! We survived and the party was a success. I'm honestly so glad it's over. All week I was seeing blue and green when I closed my eyes to go to sleep at night. I made a minimum of two trips to any given store each day of the week prior. The details completely derailed my life for the last week... imagine the house a wreck (even though cleaning it was on my checklist), kids and husband neglected, sleep interrupted, bible study homework undone, and so on.

And get this: I don't think those flags I worked so hard to make even made it into any of my pictures! Holy heck!

Anyway, all is right again. Everything fell into place and we had a good time. One or two more and we'd have literally (rather than figuratively) been sitting on top of each other. But we made it work in our tiny space.

My friend Angie made the smash cake and decorated the big cake and she did such a great job! Eli wasn't quite sure what to make of it at first, but after dropping a couple handfuls over the side of the high chair (and smearing some on the wall--my fault for putting him so close!) he figured out that it tasted pretty good and went to town.

Now we have to eat about one-eighth of a Costco cake, so if you want to come over and help, that's cool...


myfriar said...

cute cute cute!!

Everything looked great, especially the Birthday Boy!

I'm glad it all came together :) Time to take a breather (or maybe just one deep breath since that's probably all you'll have time for)!

Peppermint Patty said...

It looks like a successful party. I loved all the details.

I know birthday parties for our kids can be hectic, but well worth it. Something that Eli will be able to look back on, when he is older, and know how much time and love you put in for his one and only 1st birthday.

Great job, Shannon and Happy Birthday, Eli!!

BTW...I am also doing "blue and green" for Matt's birthday (his favorite colors)! ;)

MommieDaze said...

So fun! Love that you had one cake to eat, and one for him to smash. What a great idea!

The Stanley Family said...

Wow - he is so cute!!

Happy Friday Follow! I'm your newest following friend. I'd love for you to drop by my blog sometime & follow me. Hope you're looking forward to a great weekend!

{Bobbi} said...

I must have missed this post in my google follower board. This party is adorable!!! Happy Birthday! :)

Lala said...

Looks like a fantastic party! My little just turned 1 as well.