Monday, April 5, 2010

another holiday down

Goodbye, Easter! It was fun while it lasted. Take all the candy with you... I'm on a diet.

We celebrated the resurrection of our Savior with an egg hunt, some candy and cookies, church and Sunday school, and a nice afternoon and lunch with family. Not bad. Thank you for your sacrifice, Lord, so we can live eternally eating chocolate eggs! I think there will be cadbury eggs in Heaven.

For fun, here's a picture of Eli with his Easter basket this year compared to a picture of him in it last year.

Easter morning, April 4, 2010
Easter morning, April 12, 2009


myfriar said...

:) I was just hoping someone out there would have an updated blog---I was looking around for something to veg on!

That comparison picture is hilarious!!! Love it!!

Peppermint Patty said...

That's too darn funny!!

Letherton said...

love his tie how cute

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Our Country Road said...

I love last year's shot-such a cute idea!! He's growing too darn fast :(