Friday, September 3, 2010

half baked

I had my 20-week scan this week (although we're a few days short) so Baby 2 is officially just about half baked!

He is still a boy and as of yet remains nameless. Poor kid doesn't even have a nickname!

Everything looked fine on the scan except I have a low-lying placenta. This was not pleasant news to me because I have been hoping and praying and hoping and praying for a VBAC. The odds are already stacked against me as I am high risk for preterm labor what with the issues I have and had previously--bicornuate uterus, preeclampsia, placental abruption, premature birth, and breech presentation. My awesome doctor is willing to do it if all the factors line up just right--but it seems like every time I go in they have another strike against my VBAC dreams. In order to get this baby out the way nature intended, I have to make it to term, go into labor naturally, have no PIH or placenta problems, have a head-down baby, and now I need my placenta to move the heck up and away from the exit. Oh please, oh please! Pray with me, y'all, I really, really want this and I'm starting to get a little discouraged.

But Nameless is doing great and measuring right on target. That is really the most important thing.

I feel bad to follow my complaints with this, but a friend of mine had her baby the same day as my ultrasound and her little boy was born with a couple different defects. He's already had one surgery and has more to come--and I so feel for my friend as she is going through so many emotions I couldn't even begin to understand. Little Mason is already such a fighter--just like his mom. Please keep Mason and his family in your prayers. You can follow his story here: Precious Mason.

And just because it's been awhile, here's Number One:


blueviolet said...

I'll pray for ya and thanks for the peek at your little dude!

moon19sun79star said...

Good thoughts coming your way...

MoDLin said...

Glad to hear that "nameless" is doing well. Looks like Number One is happy about that, too. (Cute picture!)
I will keep little Mason in my thoughts and wish him all the best. Thanks for the info.