Wednesday, July 13, 2011


April to July? Seriously?

As Eli would say, "Whoops! Soddy!" (translation: "whoops! sorry! I spilled something... again!")

I knew this two-kid thing wouldn't be any kind of breeze, but I really underestimated the exhaustion. Things are only just starting to get easier, and I think the last few months have been a nail in my done-having-kids coffin.

In a quick wrap, in answer to Colic Round Two, I dove head-first into a dairy elimination diet when everything else I'd tried failed. About 10 days in, he started to change demeanor. Then I made a little mistake with some pumped milk from the freezer from before the diet and BAM, set back another 10 days. After that, things improved drastically and at a little past four months, I was able to ease back on the diet without adding extra screaming. The diet was brutal, but it was worth having more moments of peace. He's doing much better now and although he still refuses to be put down most of the time, he can sit and is already scooting himself around.

About a month ago Eli started some occupational therapy for a sensory processing dysfunction. It's been interesting to watch how the different methods of therapy make a difference in the way he responds to his environment. We are trying to learn the best way to give him what he needs without losing our minds. He is wild, but he is so sweet and I just know he's going to break through his issues one of these days. Now I just have to hope Lincoln doesn't follow in his monkey brother's crazy footsteps...

I added Lincoln's last four month shots to the slideshow at the top left. Four at once! Whoops! Soddy!


Carolyn Jung said...

What a cutie! I hope he's doing well with his therapy. ;)

vicky1970 said...

Hi there,
sweet blog and beautiful family. I too blog about being a mom -- and a teacher. Come visit me sometime. ;o)I'm your newest follower.
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