Sunday, September 14, 2008


Against my better judgment, I bought some baby paraphernalia yesterday. I know it's early and a tad risky, but I found a MOPS resale event at a church nearby and I went to look for some things for Noah. I didn't find much in the toddler section, but they had giant landslides of baby clothes. I couldn't help it, really. I dug through the piles looking for yellow and green and left with a handful of gender-neutral onesies. They were all from Carters and I only spent $3.75... oh, I love second-hand shopping!

I decided to break out the doppler today and see what would happen. It seems the chances are best to hear the heartbeat on a home doppler between 10-12 weeks, but I've heard of some moms hearing it at 8 weeks! So I've been determined that it'll be earlier than that. Today was not the day, though. Now I'm all slimy and I have a headache from listening to my own heartbeat and my whooshing placenta. Did you know it makes noise? Anyway, I thought I'd share the moment with you, so here's a listen to my heartbeat. It's the only sound of life I can find down there just yet, thanks to a certain giant artery in the crotch area. Isn't it sweet? Aww. ;)


Furlong said...

Congratulations to you guys!! I'm so excited for you! I will pray that everything will be a-ok and God will form this baby perfectly!

Hey, by the way, you can take chlortrimeton for your allergies too. I took it throughout both pregnancies and am still taking it while I'm nursing. And it doesn't make you sleepy like Benedryl does :)

Anonymous said...

You are so silly! :)