Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I've been obsessing for the last couple days about calories. I've read over and over that it isn't safe to lose weight when you're pregnant, but what if I was overweight to start with? I found this site called that helps you keep track of your intake and whether or not you're meeting your DV of proteins, calcium, etc., along with your suggested calorie range. Well, in two days I haven't even come close to meeting the bottom of the calorie count. Thing is, if I stop eating cheeseburgers and french fries, I'm probably going to drop some pounds. So, is it safe to lose weight while you're pregnant if it's only because you stopped eating a bunch of crap? Argh!

I'm sad because I always imagined I'd like myself pregnant, that I'd look cute and want to take pictures and stuff... but right now I hate myself. I want to look pregnant, but I think I'm just going to look fat. I wanted to take belly pictures, but I think I'd feel even more like a fatty if I started doing that. Argh again.

I found a food pyramid based on my height, weight, and trimester, so I made it my computer desktop image. Hopefully looking at it all the time will guilt me into taking the Prenatal Yoga DVD I bought out of the wrapper. It would be a start.

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Anonymous said...

Don't worry about losing weight or gaining. Just eat normal and DON'T EAT FOR TWO!

I was a little overweight when I got pregnant with Matthew. I just ate as healthy as possible, cut out the caffeine (pop) and I gained 22 pounds - which is fine.

The best thing someone told me, "The baby will take from your body whatever he/she needs." You don't have to worry that you will starve him/her. :)

PS I was sick for the first 4 months, so NOTHING tasted good anyway. I maintained during that time.

Love ya! Patty