Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I had my 16w appointment yesterday. These check-ups are so boring! She measured my belly and said it was right on, and we listened to the heartbeat (145). I told her we'd had the gender scan last week and she pretty much scoffed at the idea that they could actually see what it was this early. Doctors! I was supposed to get a flu shot but they didn't mention it and I forgot until I got home. So I'm going to have to call and see if I can come in without an appointment. I hate shots, but I hate the flu more!

We're working on names. I think we might have settled on Eli. We can't settle on a middle name, though. We keep coming back to Eli Samuel, although we are considering Eli Logan. I'm not sure the L sounds go together quite as well, but maybe it doesn't matter. Noah has an L middle name too, so that seems to fit nicely. So you can vote or offer middle name suggestions... we might not listen though. :)

I bought some crib bedding the other day and it shipped this morning! Now we need a crib to put it in! We're going with a blue/green color scheme to try to get away from the baby blue a little bit, since they'll be sharing and Noah's a little too old for that. I'm excited about painting and decorating but we have to collect the furniture first...

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Anonymous said...

Quit buying everything so soon!! You won't have anything good left for us to buy for you (your family and friends).