Thursday, December 11, 2008


I'm still waiting for my second-trimester burst of energy.

It's 21 weeks today and as the last couple weeks have passed I've started to actually feel pregnant. Suddenly I'm getting up five times a night to pee, I'm running to the bathroom half the day at work, everything makes me cry, I'm starting to waddle now and then (usually after eating), Little Dude wakes me up at least once a night kicking me, and more evenings than not I eat a jar of pickles and/or green olives for dinner.

Feeling him moving has been great! I feel him most in the mornings. I think he wakes up before me and tends to be moving all around as I'm waking up. I like to just lie still and concentrate on feeling it. So far Josh hasn't been able to feel him from the outside, but it shouldn't be too much longer, I don't think.

As far as nesting, I'm trying! But things are moving slowly. We ordered a crib for Little Dude and bunk beds for Noah. Neither will be in for awhile so that will probably feel like forever. Josh has finished the painting and is in the middle of putting up the chair rail right now. I have the baby's bedding ready, but I'm still shopping for Noah's.

I guess that's all for now.

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