Friday, January 23, 2009


I've been thinking a lot lately about whether people really want to know the truth when they ask how I'm feeling.

I answer the question at least three times a day--sometimes more--and more often than not, it's a stranger asking. It seems to be a standard question to ask a pregnant woman. Most of the time, it's accompanied by a finger pointing at the belly.

I usually give a fairly standard answer... something not completely untrue, like "Oh, okay. Tired. Ready to be done." I could just say "great!" or even "pretty good" but I feel like a liar. I wonder how many of those people actually really care how I'm feeling or if it's just something to say. I think I know the answer. But one of these days, I might just unload the truth on one of these strangers and say something like, "Terrible, actually! I haven't slept well in weeks. I can't get comfortable in bed without a pillow between my legs, and even then I get up to pee every hour. And most of the time I can't fall asleep because I have reflux and restless legs. My crotch is aching and walking really hurts. Peeing so much means a lot of handwashing, which means my skin is chapped. That hurts in the cold. I can barely manage to put my own socks on, and shoes with laces? Forget it! And there are still so many weeks of torture left..."

Don't get me wrong. I'm happy and grateful to be pregnant. But there are 90 days left and I am cooked... that's the other question strangers ask me numerous times a day... "how much longer?" " Also accompanied by the pointing finger.


Cari said...

man Shannon I feel like that and I'm NOT pregnant... LOL!!!

A good answer is... "Pregnant."

That sums it all up. They can take from it what they want... most women probably would lean toward the somewhat negative aspects of pregnancy with that response I think.

Honey, you can gripe all you want about wht's going on. You have a right and NO one is going to think you're ungrateful for that lil'burke for one second. Being an over for a ten pound turkey isn't comfortable.

I know it's hard to see now but.. it does go so fast. Keep doing what you're doing the best you can... you're AWESOME!

cari said...

ok can you edit my comment since I can't? lol



Jen said...

I'm greatly amused by Cari's comment: "being an oven for a ten pound turkey..." That's great way to put it! I know I'm not a stranger, but I always want to know how you are truly feeling. Hang in there, Shan!