Monday, February 2, 2009


I felt Eli's hiccups for the first time a couple days ago! I've heard it's possible to feel them but so far I hadn't. Then one morning I was lying on my side and I started feeling a steady poking. At first I was thinking it was kind of weird that he was kicking me in such a perfect, quick rhythm, but then I realized it was hiccups! I was amazed. For the first couple minutes, I loved it. Then after a few more, I started feeling bad for the Little Dude. Then after a few more, I started feeling bad for ME. It went on for a long time and I had a hard time getting back to sleep. Still, it's pretty amazing. All the little signs of life are so special.

I'm sick as a dog. A certain stepchild of mine gave this to me. It started with a sore throat but it has progressed and now I am really, really miserable. Today is day 5 of sore throat, hacking cough, chesty phlegm, runny nose, and maybe most importantly, not sleeping. I'm so exhausted but I can't go to sleep or stay asleep. I'm finally going to the doctor this morning. I called at the stroke of 8am, but I still didn't get an appointment until 10:30. I've been up for five days, and two hours feels like forever. Pleeeease just give me some drugs!


Kimmie said...

Wow, your cold sounds way worse than mind--hope the doctor can give you something!

Mimi said...

I can't wait to feel those movements. But in the middle of the night??? LOL I hope you feel better soon!


Lisa said...

So glad that I found your blog. I remember when I was pregnant with my son and I would be sick, but of course you couldn't take anything for it... just had to wait it out and be miserable. Anyway, I hope you feel better. Congrats on your pregnancy!!

~ Lisa