Sunday, May 24, 2009

Eli's first sickness

We survived Eli's first bug!

We did a penpal program at work with a local 4th grade class, and Thursday we had a lunch at the school to meet the kids. I had to take Eli, and he started to be sick the next day so I'm pretty sure that's where he picked it up.

He started Friday afternoon with the runs, and throughout the night he was having at least two bouts of diarrhea with every feeding, and some here and there in between. By Saturday morning he had a fever of 100.9 and was acting even more fussy than normal. I gave him some tylenol and a bath and his fever came down, but he still had bad poops and then started with the puking.

Why do we always get sick on the weekend? I called the pedi's answering service because I was worried about dehydration. The doctor told me to give him pedialyte and watch his fever. By about 1am he was screaming for food, so we gave him a little at a time and by about 4am he ate 4oz, so we all went to bed. He woke up fine this morning, although he has been extra fussy all day.

Poor kid! So small to already have a sore butt from diarrhea! I felt so bad for him. Now we wait to see if the rest of the house catches his plague. I'm so glad Josh was home. We are looking forward to a more normal (well, we hope) night of sleep tonight!

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cari said...

ugh.. nightmare of course. I hate that helpless feeling of not being able to make our babies better. : (

Glad he made it through ok without any problems and definitely praying that anyone else got it!