Thursday, May 21, 2009

got my smile!

I finally got my smile this morning.

He has been smiling at me at night for awhile... it's one of the only things that makes that nighttime feeding worthwhile. It's always the feeding that happens around 4-5am. He's milk-drunk and happy and looks up at me wide-eyed and smiles. It says "I'm full and cozy and I love when you hold me" and I get all happy and fall in love with him again, even though he keeps waking me up at night. :)

But today I got a real smile as a response. I was starting to feel pretty silly with all the baby talk trying to get him to think I'm funny, so it was a relief to see that it finally paid off. His happiest time is right after we get up, fed, and dressed in the morning and come downstairs into the light. That's when I managed to score today. Maybe again tomorrow?

On another note, I gave my notice today at work. I am officially a stay-at-home mom. My lifelong dream realized. Bring on the ramen and hamburger helper.

Not the greatest picture, but I managed to almost catch the smile!

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The Gardners said...

Welcome to the SAHM club!!! :) Way to go!!!