Monday, May 4, 2009

more help

Eli's Aunt Joyce came to spend the weekend and help with the late-night feedings. Wait, not help. Take over! I was expecting to still get up and help but she sent me to bed and said to get some sleep. So I got to sleep through the night all weekend! Of course I usually woke up when I heard him but it sure felt good to know he was taken care of and just roll over and go back to sleep. Thank you, Joyce!

Eli had his first shots last week. It was so sad to hear him squeal in pain! I was so glad Josh was there to hold him for it, because then I can just make Daddy out to be the bad guy. He's gained a lot of weight! He was 9lb2oz last Thursday. Today we went back and he weighs 9lb10oz! I don't know how he is packing on the pounds so fast! He's still having a lot of reflux issues. He's taking Zantac and we've increased the dosage. I've started giving him Mylanta, which seems to at least calm him down during feedings, and today we made our first visit to the chiropractor. I hope something works soon. Poor little guy with his lousy digestive system!

In other news, I started a diet last Monday and today was my first weigh-in. I lost 4 pounds! I gained 65 while I was pregnant and so far I am down 42. I am going for it with this diet and hoping to finally manage to get down to my goal weight, so I still have quite a few left to lose before I'm going to be content, but I sure am glad I'm at least starting to shed the baby pounds. Now the baby flab... I just have no idea how that's going to go away but I'll keep trying.

Happy birthday, Jen!


Kimmie said...

Help is soooooo nice :) Good luck with the diet! :)

Peppermint Patty said...

Yeah Auntie Joyce! :)

Jen said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes! I hope everything went o.k. with the chiropractor.