Tuesday, May 12, 2009

formula and family

Eli's gastro issues have been driving me nuts! Him too, I'm sure. If he's not sleeping or eating, he's crying. I have a hard time just accepting that he has colic and is going to be like this for two more months, but I'm afraid we're heading that direction. He's been a screamer since 2 weeks, and the screaming is much worse in the evenings. He has reflux and gas issues and we just can't seem to make them better.

He had an upper GI yesterday morning. He had to fast for 4 hours before the test, and I was certain he would be screaming, but he did fairly well for being hungry. He wore a cute little hospital gown (albeit pink) and they X-rayed him while he drank some barium. I guess he was starving, because he sucked the nasty stuff right down! The test showed he legitimately has reflux but nothing else is wrong with his insides, so that was good news. The doctor switched Eli's formula to some apparently powdered gold that costs $26 a can. A small can. Ugh! So far it does seem to help a little with the reflux but he's still having butt trouble. So he's still screamy and I'm still frustrated and we're paying out the wazoo for it.

(crappy picture taken with my crappy phone camera. I can't believe I forgot my camera!)

We had Eli's dedication at church this past Sunday, so the family came in for it, which was nice. There were about 20 babies being dedicated at the same time, so Josh was spared the anxiety of being in the spotlight and I was able to take off my shoes on stage without anyone really noticing. And wonder of all wonders, the kid slept right through it! I was sure he would be the baby who cried, but he made his mama proud. Probably because he knew it was Mother's Day.

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Mimi said...

I'm sorry he is so fussy. I hope the new formula helps. He looks adorable in the gown though. I had to say it!