Saturday, July 18, 2009

four months

Eli is four months old today! And still a colicky dude. We are defying the odds! In the wrong way, though... argh.

Anyway, he's doing well other than that. He started sleeping through the night last week, usually from around 8pm to 6am... sometimes 5am, but still it's better than waking up a few times a night. The cereal seems to be going well. He's rolling from belly to back and is starting to hold things a little bit if I wrap his fingers around it. And not the best thing, but he seems to like television! He'll sit for about 10-15 minutes watching tv... and trust me, 10 minutes of relief for my arms is a big deal. Lately he won't let me put him down, so I'll take what I can get!

Here's his 4-month picture!

In other news, we did get our free gro-baby diaper! Josh is still learning how this cloth diaper thing goes...

But Mom's got it down.


myfriar said...

he,he,he.... :)

He is so cute, Shannon! I love all his adorable pictures :)

Cari said...

Those are the hours the girls sleep and their 8! so be thankful! lol

I like the diaper head look. : )

Cari said...

ugh.. THEY'RE.. not their.. sorry.. brain somewhere else