Thursday, September 3, 2009

moving up

Edit: We returned this seat for the My Ride 65. We love it!

We moved Eli into a convertible carseat this week. He's almost outgrown his carrier and he's so heavy I could hardly carry it anymore anyway. Plus, he hated it, so I was ready. We went with the Safety 1st Uptown since it had great reviews, has an 8 year life span, and was a great deal at $65 at Big Lots! It took awhile to get it all adjusted right, but he seems comfortable now.

He proved he was ready to be out of the carrier in his first big-boy ride in a shopping cart!

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myfriar said...

Oh my gosh, look how big Eli is! Adorable!!! I love that expression on his face in the shopping cart.

I remember when we made this transition with Ethan...seems like yesterday, and now he's almost 5!

Our babies grow up too quick!