Wednesday, September 2, 2009

tickle tickle

Recently Eli has started tickling me. Not on purpose, but I'm still ticklish.

I took my sleepy little boy upstairs and sat down in the rocking chair with him. I usually wrap up his arms to help him settle down, but this time I only covered up the arm on the outside; the arm under him and against me was free. I started to feed him his bottle and with his precious eyes closed as he cuddled up to me, I felt his little fingers opening and closing and rubbing my side. At first I just smiled and hugged him closer. But then it started to tickle. The more I tried not to laugh, the more ticklish I became. I was trying to laugh quietly but it was causing me to wiggle around to try to get away from his tickling fingers, all while trying to keep him quiet and sleepy. Now this is happening any time his arms aren't wrapped up, so I pretty much have to keep him swaddled to feed and rock him.

These are the moments I want to remember when my little boy grows up. When I think of his earliest days I don't want to just remember the screaming and sleepless nights. We have moments like this every day, but I don't always make a point to write them down or sit and recall them and smile.

But I want to.

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