Monday, November 30, 2009

all night long

Eli finally decided to give us a little break and slept all night last night!

I know it might have been a fluke and it might not happen again any time soon. But it's still something to celebrate. Of course, I didn't get much sleep as I was up most of the night worrying abut why he was so quiet. Not a peep on the monitor! I usually at least hear something. I've been reading Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child out of desperation--his sleep has just gotten so, so bad lately and it has been a struggle here. He was tired and cranky, waking up 2-3 times each night, taking an hour or more to get back to sleep, needing to be rocked but waking the moment I laid him down, and waking for the day at 5am. He's done so well with it, and it really happened fast. He has still been waking a lot but is able to get himself back to sleep without having any screaming fits anymore. He'll cry when I put him down, but when I leave the room, he just lays down and talks to himself. Pretty amazing, really, and if he's actually going to continue this sleeping-all-night thing, I will be really impressed.

When he was a newborn, people always asked me if he was "a good baby" and if he slept all night. No for both--but I honestly never dreamed it would be 8 months before we'd have a sleep-through-the-night experience. One thing's for sure, Little Dude has his own agenda for life!

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Just Another Infertile Mother said...

Oh wow! This post scares me a little. :).

I am happy for you to have had a sleep-all-night-long experience. Hopefully you'll get many more and some rest for yourself too. I agree that any accomplishment needs to be celebrated.

BTW: I loved the pics of Eli and his brother.