Wednesday, January 20, 2010

ten months

Okay, so I've had some computer issues lately. Here I am!

Well, to double your pleasure, I not only have Eli's 10-month picture, but also his first haircut! I sat him down to take his 10-month picture and when I looked at the photos, I realized just how badly he needed his shaggy hair trimmed up. So we loaded up in the car and got him a nice new haircut! He was amazingly good, and I was pleased with the outcome. He was pleased with the sucker.

Happy 10 months! :)


Sarah McMullin said...

Happy 10 months, E! Doesn't it seem like just yesterday you were sad all his dark hair was falling out?

AndiWrite said...

Shannon, he just gets handsomer and handsomer! Oh, and you've got to love Cookie Cutters! :)

Liberty said...

Did you save his hair?