Monday, February 15, 2010

a little valentining

We had a nice Valentiney Sunday. Josh brought me some beautiful roses, and Eli was cute. His cuteness is one of my favorite gifts.

Noah and I made valentines and some pretty heart cookies to celebrate. We went to church, took naps, ate lunch and dinner and cookies and whoopie pies. And went to bed with stomachaches...

Today I had a cookie for breakfast and after lunch I had some chocolate hearts I got on the V-Day clearance rack at Target. And I'd go for a run, but we're in the process of getting 6-9 more inches of snow.


Peppermint Patty said...

I love him!!! He can be my Valentine any day! :)

(Psssttt...Shannon? I just started my own blog on "Blogger." Will you please join, so I don't look like a big loser? Thanks! :) Patty)

Just Another Infertile Mother said...

He's so sweet!

Mass Hole Mommy said...

Cute :)

Stopping by from the Friday follow!

pam said...

New follower this FF!

Love your Valentine.

~Bobbi~ said...

Thanks for visiting my blogsite. I'm so glad you stopped by. You have an adorable family!

We first started family meetings when my son was around 3 or 4 years old. When discussing some things the littler ones get rambunctious. So we start off with compliments which they love....and then if it gets too long, they can run off. Then at the end finish up with our Fun activity. They also like being in charge and holding the talking stick.