Friday, February 19, 2010

sun please

Every winter I would always say I wouldn't be living here by the next one. Ugh! Winter in Ohio is crap-city. It's cold lots of places. It snows lots of places. But it is downright dreary here. We don't see the sun for months on end!

We've had three heavy snowstorms in a span of a week and a half, so we're pretty well buried. The first day it's pretty. Oh look! It's snowing! Oh, it's so clean and sparkly. Look how fast it's coming down!

Then in a couple hours it's black and nasty from the roads. It's piled up everywhere and the piles are taller than most children. It's all over your car, it's staining your pantlegs, and it's buried in your carpet.

I'm tired of muck, tired of coats, tired of hats and scarves and gloves. Tired of being stuck in the house all the time. Tired of needing every lamp in the house to not feel like we're trapped in a dungeon. We need some sun.

The other day we were in the car and Noah said he wanted all the snow to melt, but he didn't want to have a flood. I asked why he wanted the snow to melt, and he said he was ready for it to get warm.

So we listed off all the reasons life is much more fun when it's warm:
We can see the grass.
We can get ice cream.
We can go to the park.
We can play ball.
We can wear shorts.
We can wear t-shirts.
We can go for walks.
We can wear sandals.
We can have a picnic (me).
We can eat outside (Noah. Ha!).
No shirts! (That was all Noah.)
We can ride bikes.
We can see the sun.
Flowers will grow.
We can let the dog outside (neither of Noah's households owns a dog, but okay).

It's only February. It's 18 degrees. The 10-day forecast has nothing over 30. We won't be having picnics or letting the proverbial dog outside for awhile yet. But my long-lost friend The Sun came out this morning!


lovemylevi said...

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myfriar said...

I couldn't even imagine!! We are SO ready for spring here, too...but we don't have it nearly as bad in Texas!! I hope you feel the sunshine soon, sister!

Simply Stacie said...

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Helena said...

Come to Utah! We get sun in the winter occasionally, when we don't have the inversions in the valleys! Following from Friday Follow! Nice to meet you!

Jodie said...

Stopping over from Friday Follow. Would love to have you follow me back. Your boys are ADORABLE! And I am SO ready for spring as well. Happy Friday! said...

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Sara said...

were also ready for spring time

Mandi Miller said...

I'm sorry you are stuck with all of that snow. Too much of a good thing I guess! Here in Alabama we like sunny and warm weather but it gets to be way to much of a good thing around August when the temp is regularly at 100.
I really like your blog! Following you from Friday Follow!

Heather McDougle said...

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Rita A. said...

Have a pretend spring picnic inside! Make a big sun and hang it on the wall, pack a picnic lunch and have it on the floor. That would be fun! Glad to have you part of the fun of Friday Follow. Rita @

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Anonymous said...

I'm with you - so ready for the sun.

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~ Lynn

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HeartsMakeFamilies said...

I totally understand this. I have winter time.

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Caroline said...

Oh my! I live in Athens, GA, and I still complain about winter. (And ours are pretty sunny!) Hope you see the sun more often and the temperatures warm up soon!

Mommie Daze (Colleen) said...

Winter in Michigan is crap-city too! LOL! We had a big storm yesterday, but it's melting today. I mentioned to my son it was melting and he asked, "Is today the last day of winter?" He's ready for it to be over to. Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday, and for your comment.

Penniless Parenting said...

I miss Ohio winters. I grew up with the lake effect snow and really enjoyed snowy winters. Where I live now, we don't get snow, only rain, rain and more rain with some 75 mph gales mixed in. I'll take NE Ohio winters over that any day.