Thursday, March 4, 2010

all things new

The other day my husband apologized to me for dragging the past into our marriage.

So I've been thinking about what I drag into it.

The Past always seems to want to have its big old graspy fingers in everything. Is it even possible to check it at the door? I guess it comes down to how much power you let it have over you... or perhaps how much power you think you have by not letting go. The old control-freak argument... I am very familiar with the old control-freak argument. I'm a recovering control freak myself. Okay, so nothing really qualifies me to be in the "recovering" category.

Right after The Past a la Josh was crucified, The Past a la Shannon reared one of its heads (it has a few, and this head wasn't really that ugly... but still, it was reared) with a particular past blast. I wonder if God created irony or if irony had more of a big-bang-theory type of beginning?

Anyway, the hubs reminded me that our little imperfect family unit is new. Not new as in "let's-hold-hands-and-kiss-in-public-because-we're-newlyweds" new. New as in "Behold, I have made all things new" new (aka Revelation 21:5).

The Past can't beat that.

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