Sunday, May 2, 2010


My little guy has had his own schedule since the day he was born. He decided he was ready to meet the world 6 weeks early. And in spite of his preemie status, he sat up early. Crawled early. Walked early. But he has always been a little behind with fine motor skills. A little slow to learn to use his hands, he took his time learning to bat at things, play with toys, eat with his fingers, and so on.

At 13 months, he's finally doing two things we've been begging him to do for months upon months: wave and clap!

Now he waves at everyone and says "Hah!" (this is his version of "hi")--and quite proudly, might I add. He claps for himself and laughs--Josh said he was pretty proud of himself this morning for being so good during a diaper change... now that would be something I could get used to.

wave in motion
Now if he would only use the sign language I've been pounding into his head since he was 2 months old...


Peppermint Patty said...

Hah, Eli!

I like looking at the slide show with Eli from 1 mos. to 1 yr. :)

regan said...

Way to go Eli! Now him and A can just wave at each other and say Hiiiiiiiiiii non stop :)

pam said...

What a cutie!

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Christina Angel said...

Aww he's such a cutie. I remember when my lil guys were that age! I'm a newbie follower and I really enjoy your post! Feel free to check my blog out if you like.Hope you're having a wonderful weekend. Take care and God Bless!:0)