Monday, July 5, 2010

finally, an update

Been awhile. I know. I’ve been meaning to update, but things have been hectic around here.

Good news: Josh got a job! It was a great offer with a relocation bonus—yeah, relocation. We’re moving… eventually.

For now it’s house-selling time. Yuck! Not my favorite activity. We’ve been packing and cleaning and fixing things while we wait for a call for a showing. It’s been a week—nothing yet. We’ve been looking at houses to rent in the new town (about 2 hours north of here) but so far nothing feels right. So we’re waiting and trying to figure out what to do in between. Josh starts his new job on the 12th, so we’re running out of time for figuring and heading for seat-of-our-pants living.

While I’m sad about moving away and leaving friends and starting over and finding a new church, new play groups, new friends, I’m looking forward to starting over fresh, too. There’s something exciting about that and I love that we’ll be living in a smaller town now that I’ve been in the city for the last ten years. I’ve always wanted to raise my family in a place where my kids can walk to school, the library, the park, the Five-and-Ten… okay, I guess it’s a dream world where the Five-and-Ten still exists and children can eat unwrapped penny candy from open bins. But it’s a little more like the way I grew up than life is here in the city, and I’m looking forward to that.

So for now, we’re living among boxes and trying to keep the house clean. We’re praying God will sell this place faster than we can imagine. He has blessed us so much so far, so we won’t be surprised when He comes through again.

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