Wednesday, June 2, 2010

husband for hire

Ok, not really. Although I might hire him out for the right price.

The hubs got the lay-off last week. Welcome to my personal world, Crappy Economy! It didn't seem nearly as bad when it was other people losing their jobs.

Since Josh is a full-time worker and I'm a full-time mom, this throws a kink in our lifestyle. His severance is only four weeks--heavens! It takes longer than four weeks to find a job! But I guess I'm grateful that it's not three, or two, or one.

Having him at home all the time has been nice. It makes our days more interesting and less monotonous. Eli seems a little undone by the change in routine, but hopefully he won't have to deal with it long enough to adjust. We are praying for the right job to surface quickly and hope we can find a way to sell our tiny place. Moving a short distance is an acceptable possibility. Leaving our church and our friends would be sad, but starving to death would be sadder.

If anyone has any networking for manufacturing/operations management positions inside Ohio, I'd love to hear it!


An Imperfect New Momma said...

Will keep ya'll in prayer!

Anonymous said...

Oh Shannon, sounds like tough times all around. Love you and will pray for you guys. Craig's going through a rough work time right now, too (not sure if he's going to be laid off, but Brinks was bought out by ADT, and so far the changes he's seeing are not good. Blah.). God always has provided in the past, and he will again :)

And I agree with Andrea and with what you said about the marriage stuff. God can definitely do what we cannot, including changing hearts (even our own!). I know how you feel. Hang in there.

Peppermint Patty said...

Make sure he applies for unemployment NOW (you can set it up on the internet) even though he won't collect until after the severance is gone.

You'll be one step ahead if you do!