Friday, December 31, 2010

settling in... and out

What a month it's been! We finally got ourselves moved out... and in. We've settled ourselves into our new home in NE Ohio and are adjusting to a little more snow and a lot more space. It's been a great change so far to have so much more space for the kids' things and not having our living space entirely overtaken by toys.

We've hit a few churches so far but nothing has felt right yet. I was hoping we might love the first one we visited so we could get connected right away, but that hasn't happened. Hopefully we'll find something soon. I'm planning to go to the MOPS group this coming Tuesday and hoping to make a few connections before I'm out for awhile with baby duties.

Speaking of baby, at my appointment this week, my doctor said he's pretty sure he's gone head-down! My response? "Nuh-UH!" I can't even believe it. He said he'll do an ultrasound in two weeks so we'll find out for sure whether we'll try for a vbac or not pretty soon. I'm getting huge, uncomfortable, and incapable. But we're almost there!

Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year!

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