Sunday, October 5, 2008


Sorry for the quiet... not a lot to update lately. I found the heartbeat again on the doppler a few nights ago, but only for a couple seconds. I could hear all kinds of movement though, so that was pretty cool, too.

We've been adjusting this week to Josh's switch to night shift, so that's pretty much been all-consuming. I woke up with a cold yesterday and since I can't really take anything, I'm feeling pretty lousy. At least it's the weekend, I guess.

I had to reschedule the gender ultrasound since Josh's schedule changed, but it's now just two days later on October 29. They told me to drink lots of orange juice to get the baby moving. I'm praying LBB won't have his/her legs crossed but even then, I'm getting so excited just to see a new picture of the arms and legs and other things I didn't get to see yet at 8 weeks.

Just a week and a half to second trimester. Sometimes it seems like it's flying by and sometimes it seems like I've been newly pregnant for a million years. I'm ready for some new developments!

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