Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I'm starting to notice my energy coming back a little bit! Over the weekend I was surprised to find myself feeling a bit restless--something normal for me but completely abnormal for Pregnant Shannon. For the last three months I have been perfectly content to lie on the couch and do nothing. It's a good feeling to not feel quite so lethargic every minute of the day. Maybe soon I'll stop dreaming about my couch all day at work.

In other gross news, I'm fighting with a rash. It started under my bra line so I thought it was just irritated, but now it's spreading and it's on my arms and my stomach. I'm going to the doctor tomorrow. I'm practically making myself bleed scratching it, so I hope they have the answer! Nothing I've tried really helps and my OB doesn't have any idea. Luckily the receptionist at the dermatologist managed to squeeze me in tomorrow morning... she worked hard to make it happen for me and I almost cried when she called me back. Of course, what doesn't make me cry these days...


jill said...

You probably have a rash from the infection that your body had over the weekend! My cousin always gets a rash when she is sick. Sometimes my kids do that too. In any event...I hope it clears up soon.

Furlong said...

It might be pregnancy related, it's called PUPPP, look it up on Google. I really hope it's not this though! I had it with Emma and a little with Jacob. With Emma, I tried everything that I could find to get rid of the rash. But it started much later in my pregnancy than 12 weeks, I think I was 22 weeks. I finally found some obscure site that said to drink V8. I tried it and it worked, so I drank V8 everyday for the rest of the pregnancy and with Jacob too. So if it doesn't go away, it's worth a try!
Keep us updated! I hope it goes away quick, that really is no fun!