Sunday, October 19, 2008


Well, the doctor said the rash is just a flukey case of eczema... he said it probably started with a small irritation and then my pregnant immune system went crazy with it. But I'm researching April's suggestion, too. I bought some Grandpa's Pine Tar Soap today because I read it could help. I used it tonight and man, does it smell terrible! The smell doesn't seem to stay on my skin though, thank goodness.

I found the heartbeat again tonight. I've been obsessing a little about my sickness last week... I took some Pepto and later realized it has aspirin in it, and I was worried about being dehydrated and hurting the babe, and I took a couple really hot showers... I'm hyper-paranoid anyway, so I've been worrying. But I finally found it, and now that I've heard it in the second trimester, I'm feeling confident now. Part of me can't believe I made it!

Our gender ultrasound is in 10 days! I'm excited and nervous. If you're going to guess the gender in the baby pool, you'd better do it before then or you'll be cheating. :) It's a link in the left side bar.

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Alisha B. said...

If you can gut it, I know that ginger ale, like Vernors, helps with an upset tummy.Peppermint tea does also, but check it out all out since it is an herb.