Thursday, January 1, 2009


After quite a hiatus, I'm trying to get some umption back in my blogging gumption. Everything has been so crazy with the holidays but it's time to settle back into real life. Now it's January and only 16 weeks to go! That makes it sound so soon... and yet my discomfort makes it seem like a lifetime.

We had a good Christmas. Josh and I stayed home and it was really nice. He gave me a diamond journey necklace and I was pretty surprised! We picked up Noah and left for PA on Saturday. It was nice to see the family. Josh got to go to the Steelers game with Dad and I got to see Jill. Now we're back home for a couple restful days off before starting the grind again on Monday.

Pregnancy-wise, I am in complaining mode. I'm in a huge amount of pain--pain that was previously just discomfort. I'm not sure exactly what's going on, but it feels like my pelvic bone is cracking in half. It hurts to walk, sit, stand, ride in the car, sleep, roll over in bed, walk up the stairs... for a couple days, I found that standing on my head helped. I assume it jolted him out of his position. But suddenly that isn't working anymore and it just aches constantly. I have an appointment on Monday and I am anxious to tell the doctor. I really hope he has some kind of suggestion for me. I can't imagine being more uncomfortable as he gets bigger and the idea that I might be in this kind of pain for the next 16 weeks makes me want to just sleep through the rest of the pregnancy.

In happier news, Eli has been kicking around a lot and this morning Josh finally got to feel him moving. He moves a lot but catching Josh and Eli both awake and in the same place at the right time hasn't been easy. He was all over today, though. He moves the most in the morning and right before I go to sleep at night.

Oh, and over Christmas break, Josh decided he was ready to announce the name. He was planning to play some kind of trick and swore me to secrecy for weeks but I guess he gave it up.

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Ronni said...

You stood on your head? Really?

That is awesome. AWESOME.