Friday, February 20, 2009


Just a day short of 9 weeks left. People keep asking how much longer and then say "that long!?" when I answer. That sure isn't helping it speed by.

I have my glucose test today to check for GD. It should've been a few weeks ago but I was sick and then they had to push it back because of the steroids they gave me for the bronchitis. So it's this afternoon at 3:40 and I am dreading it. I have a hard time with force-feeding myself nasty liquids, so I hope that part isn't too bad. But I'm most worried about the blood draw... and of course the test results.

Every time I go for a blood test, it's the same. I sit in the waiting room and try to hold it together. But then my eyes defy me and start pooling up with tears. I fight them back and try not to look around. I'm sure everyone has noticed. I wait and wait. Then the door opens and they call my name, and the tears spill over. I look up at the woman and start walking toward her and she gives me a "you poor thing" look, and then the real tears start. They let me lie down in a room. I try to tell her I need the best nurse they have, and she just pats me on the back and says she can do it. Then, of course, she can't. She tries one arm, usually both, before she goes looking for the best nurse, just like I told her to do before I had extra holes in my skin and at least five minutes of sobbing ago. Then they bring in Louise, my favorite, who tells me not to worry, that men are bigger babies than children (I always get this same story), and then talks about her kids. She gets it in one stick in my right arm, and I face the other way, trying to calm down the hysterics. She tells me to wait to sit up, so I do. Then she hugs me and I thank her for being so nice. I leave all hole-y and puffy faced and can't imagine having to do it again next time.

So I know what awaits me today, and I'm really not looking forward to it.

Then if I fail this test, I get to do the three-hour test, which is far worse, including fasting, more nasty drink, and four blood draws... I'll have more holes than ever.


Mimi said...

Oh honey, i am so sorry. I pray that you get through it today. It's almost over. Soon you are going to have your little baby in your arms and you will soon forget about all that you have been through. Good luck!


Anonymous said...

How did it go?

lisha said...

The next time you have to have a blood draw, ask for an ER or OR nurse( more towards OR nurses *wink wink*). They can usually get the needle in within a poke. : )