Saturday, February 21, 2009

31w2d - made it!

I survived!

I went back to the room and the nurse told me I could pick lemon-lime or fruit punch. I was all disappointed because I had asked a lot of people and decided on the orange! I went for fruit punch, and it actually just tasted like kool-aid. It was cold, which I think really helped, and it was okay. The worst part was just having to drink it fast. She gave me a few minutes to get it down. I felt a little dizzy from it, but it could've been nerves, too. So that part was okay.

Then I headed over to the lab at the hospital. I went to check in and told them I wanted to start with Louise. They said she leaves at 2:30 on Fridays, and that was when I started with the crying. When the not-Louise nurse came to get me and told me to sit, I gave her the rules. I will cry (she could already tell this part), I have to lie down, I'm a big baby so be gentle, I need a butterfly needle, use my right arm, and no digging. So she took care of all my requests and then got it in one stick! I was so shocked. When I felt it go in and then noticed she wasn't doing anything, I said "is it flowing??" and she said "yep!" and I could not believe it. No one has gotten my vein in one stick in years. When she pulled it out and band-aided me, I thanked her for being so nice and told her I loved her.

So that part is done. Now I wait until Monday afternoon for the results to find out if I have to do it all over again... x3. Let's pray I passed! Thanks for thinking of me today :)


Mimi said...

Praying that you pass with flying colors honey!!!!


Ronni said...

I'm glad the nurse listened to you. When I was in college, I always needed the butterfly needle and the nurses ALWAYS balked at giving it to me! I heard it's because those needles are more expensive than the regular ones and they want to use them sparingly. But you're the one paying for it anyway, so you should be able to get any needle you want!

cari said...

oh boy.. I had forgotten how you were with blood draws! you poor thing... I hated it before I was pregnant too but then it happened so much in my first pregnancy that I got used to it I guess. I learned that my left arm was the only one they could get blood from.. lol.

I remember the glucose stuff! I got the lemon-lime.. it was cold but SO sweet.. that was my only problem with it. I thought you would have chose lemon-lime cuz of your sierra mist affections. : )

I am sure everything will be fine.. and so glad to hear the non-lousie blood draw was successful!