Wednesday, February 25, 2009

31w6d - on stepparenting

With the combination of my hormones, general exhaustion (laziness?), and short temper and Noah's terrible twos not quite done yet, I have felt like stepparenting has been trying a lot lately. He is young but he's already started snarking at me (things like, "no, daddy will do it" or "this is for Mommy," aka "not you"), telling me no, and last night he even told his dad that I hit him (I have never done such a thing!). And since I'm tired, cranky, and sick, I have little patience to pet his little head and let things go these days. I'm trying to work harder at it, though.

Anyway, in spite of all of that, he has really come around with this Eli business in the last month or so. At first he would answer our questions if we asked (What's the baby's name? Where is he? and so on) but now he's talking about him a lot. He helped Josh build the crib awhile back and it seems like that made a big difference. We all sat in the boys' room the other night and played and Noah was trying to show us that Eli's clothes are, in fact, too small for him. He had this orange onesie on his head and the arms were sticking out like tiger ears. I wish I had taken a picture, but the waddle to my camera would have taken longer than the moment would have lasted.

Now he's started telling us how he's going to teach Eli to do this or that, and his latest thing is he wants to give him a kiss all the time. It's so cute when he kisses my belly and then announces proudly what he did ("I gave Wee-wi a kiss!").

To come full-circle, the other night when we asked who ripped a page out of one of his books, he stated firmly: "Wee-wi did." Kids!

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Angie said...

Awww! My nephew used to kiss my belly and say "I kissed Rachel!" So cute. It makes it hard to ever be serious with them. :)