Thursday, March 12, 2009

34w - more hospital time

Man, I am getting really sick of the hospital!

After Tuesday's ridiculously high numbers, my doctor called and wanted me to go back in Wednesday for more monitoring. I also had to get a steroid shot in my butt to help develop Eli's lungs in case he has to come early. Josh was able to take me, and that really helped with the anxiety. We were there about 2.5 hours, so he was pretty antsy by the end but we survived. The shot was a little scary but it didn't feel too bad.

My doctor was there to talk to me yesterday, which really helped. He made me feel a lot less anxious about everything. He will be ready to deliver at 36 weeks if my BP keeps getting higher. He seems to think it will but he isn't sure how fast it will happen. At 38 weeks he will induce. That will be the week of April 9... my mom's birthday! She's been hoping for it so it's funny how that worked out to be a real possibility.

I had to go back today for the second shot. This one hurt a bit more than yesterday's, but at least it was in the other cheek! :) I'm done with the shots now and hopefully we're getting some super lungs going in there. Since I failed my kick count test, I had to get back on the monitor again today. Argh! I was only there an hour, though, which is a definite record. And as long as they keep their promise, I don't have to go back until Monday. I am so glad to have a few days off from the hospital!

So I'm back on the couch with a symmetrically sore bottom. I'm so glad my doctor told me the couch was acceptable. Stuck in bed all day and night was pretty miserable and it was only one day! I'm still supposed to be lying on my side all the time, though.

I guess I'm glad it's almost over! Now I'm getting a little scared about delivery, though, since it's coming up so soon now! It feels so much more real than it has up until now.

Oh, and as for why Josh wasn't answering his phone the other day: He was sleeping upstairs and his phone was on silent downstairs. I agree, not a great excuse, but at least he wasn't ignoring me. :)

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Jill said...

Shannon- we will keep you in our prayers! Hoping everything goes well.