Saturday, March 21, 2009

going home

I'm being released today, but Eli isn't coming with us. I considered staying an extra day to be close, but he might be here longer than that and I already don't want to know what this bill is going to look like!

Things are going well, though. I'm still a bit tired and sore but today is a lot better than yesterday. I'm slowly beginning to feel less traumatized by the events of this past week. Maybe in a few years I'll actually not be horrified by the thought of doing it again. Or maybe not. :)

Eli is doing pretty well. He lost some weight and is working on getting it back. He's breathing great and is off the IV completely. The only problem we're left to conquer is feeding. He's doing pretty well but he poops out in the middle of feedings sometimes and they have to use the feeding tube. He can't go home until he's built up the stamina it takes to stay awake through all his feedings in a 24-hour period. 

Josh has been great to be here all the time and has been taking good care of both of us. I love to see him with Eli. I wondered how exactly the father bonds with the baby in the same way the mom does after carrying him for so long, but apparently it all works itself out. 

I'm sad to leave him here, but I also don't want to take him home and find myself unable to get him to eat. He'll be home soon and we'll have a lifetime for this journey together.

Some pictures from our hospital stay so far:


Peppermint Patty said...

Matt and I just sifted through two scrapbooks from birth until 2nd grade. They grow up so quickly!

Eli is absolutely precious. It's strange how they change in a matter of minutes. He looks so good and healthy and man, o, man that hair! :)

I have friend's whose son came 5 weeks early. The baby had to stay extra time too, so that's pretty common. Use the time for rest and recooperation and know that Eli is in good hands at the hospital.

Love you guys! :)

Becky said...

He is adorable! I pray he gets to come home soon! Take care of yourself and get plenty of rest for when he does!

Shannon said...

Eli is beautiful, Shannon. It's weird how similar his story has been to Jack's exactly a year ago. I hated going home without Jack but knew it was for the best. Like you, I was fearful of him not eating enough (also why Jack had to stay). I'm glad he's home with you now though. Enjoy! :)